China Floods May 2013 – Update

On 14th May we wrote about the shocking floods in China – especially the southern and central provinces. See the post here, which includes some remarkable video and news clips of people being rescued from the floods.

Recently the Chinese Interior ministry reported that between 14 and 16 May as many as 33 people were killed as a result of the floods. 19 of the 33 fatalities were in Guangdong. The ministry also reported that 11 people are still missing and that up to 5,000 homes have collapsed. Sadly many media outlets are reporting that those figures have since risen. And the number of fatalities is now believed top be over 50.

On 20th May torrential rain reached Fujian province where it is believed that flood waters rose to around 2 metres. CCTV, the Chinese state broadcaster reported that as many as 500 people were trapped in the flooded homes in Wuping County.

As many as nine provinces in China have been affected by floods during May 2013. Guangdong has suffered the worst – China’s Xinhua News Agency reported that nearly 900,000 had been affected in the province. However, other provinces including Fujian, Jiangxi, Szechuan and Guizhou have also been significantly hit.

Torrential rainfall caused the flooding, which led to the Bei River reaching flood levels not seen for over a century, as high as 5.22 metres above the warning level. The water levels of the river reached over 31 metres in parts.

Heavy rainfall and river floods have be accompanied by landslides and damage to the road network. Particularly affected was the highway in Heyuan City in Guangdong.

Sources: RTE; ECHO; BBC