Construction Work Causes Breach in Gujurat Canal

Construction work on embankmanets is believed to have caused a breach in a canal whihc forms part of the Ukai dam irrigation system. Nearby farmland was flooded as a result of a canal breach which occurred on the 8th November near Dhajamba village, Tapi district in the Indian state of Gujurat.

The breach was in the main left hand canal of Ukai dam – part of the Ukai dam irrigation circle – and developed as a result of weakening lining joints. Water pressure eventually ripped the canal side apart with the breach measuring as much as 21 metres wide.

Locals claim that building work, in particular excessive digging, taking place on nearby river and canal embankments is responsible for the initial damage to the canal lining.

Although nearby farmland was flooded, many of the local farms further downstream in Tapi, Navsari, Valsad and parts of Surat districts have been deprived of important irrigation water. Drinking water is also in short supply in towns and villages suppied by the canal, including Vyara. Water supply to the areas had to be stopped in order to carry out repairs to the canal. Officials say it will take around 4 days to complete the work.


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Source: Times of India