Expected Second Wave Arrives – Floods in Kelantan, Malaysia

The much predicted “second wave” of floods struck in Kelantan, Malaysia on Saturday 11 January 2014.

Kelantan is a state on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia , the area that from seemingly endless flooding late last year.

Two districts of the state – Jeli and Tanah Merah have been worst hit. Over 1,000 people have been evacuated in Jeli. The evacuees are being sheltered in 4 special relief centres that have been set up. More than 200 people have been displaced in Tanah Merah.

The floods were mainly as a result of the Golok River bursting its banks after continuous rainfall over the last few days. Near Jeli , the Golok river levels stood at 24.77 metres, above the danger levels of 23.5 metres.

The high river levels are now threatening the border areas of Malaysia and Thailand, in particular Rantau Panjang, where levels of the the Golok are said to be at 10.42 metres, 1.42cm above danger levels.

rantau panjang malaysia floods
Rantau Panjang Photo: twitter.com/banjir2014

Although levels of the River Golok are still a concern, the rain is reported to have eased on Sunday, which has helped lower the river levels elsewhere in the state.

Elsewhere in Malaysia, 2 days of continuous rain in Sabah, on the island of Borneo, has caused several villages and roads to become flooded. The villags include Kampung Ulu and Hilir Sapagaya, Kampung Tamoi, Kampung Manau and few villages at Jalan Segama.

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