Austria – Photos of Floods in Salzburg

Rivers broke their banks in northern Austria on 17 July, causing widespread damage in several towns in the state of Salzburg.

Flood waters raging through the streets of the town of Hallein caused some of the worst damage. The Almbach river, which meets the Salzach River at Hallein, jumped over 1.7 metres in the space of a few hours late on 17 July. Flood water in the city has since subsided to reveal significant material damage and clean up operations have begun. Fortunately there were no reports of casualties.

The Salzach River at Mittersill in Salzburg also caused flooding. As of 18 July the river stood at 5.877 metres, where the highest alert level (Alarmstufe 2) is 5 metres.

The government of Salzburg state released several photos showing the damage in Hallein and also aerial photos of flooded areas near Oberpinzgau between Mittersill and Bramberg.

Floods in Hallein, Salzburg, Austria, July 2021. Photo: Land Salzburg
Aerial photos of the flood in Oberpinzgau between Mittersill and Bramberg. July 18, 2021. Photo: Land Salzburg / Franz Wieser
Rail travel has been disrupted on the Pinzgauer local railway near Mittersill Photo: Land Salzburg, Neumayr / Breuer
Floods in Salzburg, Austria, July 2021. In the picture is the overflowing Salzach River near Mittersil Photo: Neumayr / Breuer July 18, 2021
Floods in Salzburg, Austria, July 2021. Numerous road have been closed. Photo: Land Salzburg / Neumayr / Daniel Breuer